Taxi Drivers

A#1 Cab Dispatch will forward all driver inquiries to taxi owners contracted within the fleet looking for drivers.

Here's some information-

  • Taxi drivers must be over 24 years of age, with a valid Illinois drivers license (this is a taxi insurance requirement!). Can can be 23 years old but have to have a spotless driving record.

  • Your driving record must be good, looking at moving violations within the past 3 years and no suspensions/DUIs within 5 years. This is a taxi insurance requirement.

  • All taxi drivers are background checked by local police departments for a taxi drivers permit.

  • All taxi drivers are self-contracted, self-employed.

  • The dispatch system is digital, and the mapping system is built right in, so it does all of the navigating for you.

  • You need to own an Android device for dispatched orders & taxi app orders. The iPhone will not work with the dispatch system.

  • Taxis are leased, shifts are usually based in 9-12 hour periods (day shift or night shift) by the shift, or weekly. Take home cars available. Looking for local drivers.

  • Enjoy flexibility, drive full time or part time- you pick the days!

  • 32+ year customer base, excellent reputation in the taxi industry. Lots of regular customers.

  • Day, night & weekend cars available.

  • Earn cash daily, plus tips. The drivers process their own credit cards, (if they choose to), with Square, Intuit or PayPal devices.

  • A#1 Taxi APP active for all taxis- at no extra charge.

  • Seasonal drivers wanted, this is commitment free. FREE training.

  • Current owner operator fleet vehicles are: Scion XB's, Sienna Vans & Camry Hybrids.

  • Private transportation cars also available to lease.

  • Taxi drivers have to invest in taxi driver permits in various cities/towns you want to drive in; cost start at $30- depending on the municipality. Every driver must have at least 1 taxi permit to ensure a background check has been done by a local police department.

  • How much you earn depends on the hours, days, and geographical area you choose to drive in. Every driver earns a different amount of money daily/weekly/monthly and tips.

  • Lease Rates starting at $55 a shift and goes to $85 per day depending on the vehicle make and area you work, also depending on the taxi owner operator.

Bring a current Motor Vehicle Report <MVR> from Secretary of State (drivers license bureau), down to 340 Production Dr., South Elgin, IL.60177 and we'll help get you started with a fleet operator. That is the fastest way to get driving! 

Questions? Call 847-888-4007   ext.204


Submit an email request to be placed with an owner operator to drive a taxi below. Someone will contact you within 48 hours. Thank you.

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