Taxi FAQ's

I've never taken a taxi before, how does it all work?

 First, when you’re ready for your taxi call 847-888-3990 or 630-529-3990, tell the dispatcher where you are, and where you need to go. He/she will then tell you approximately how long it will take for the vehicle to get to your location. Dispatch will ask if you will be paying by cash or credit because not all drivers accept credit card.

*If you need to be picked up at a specific time (placing a reservation), let the dispatcher know.

We don't charge to come to you; you only get charged from your starting point to your drop off point. The taxi rates are listed on the website. You may call to get price estimates, a current waiting time in a specific town, or the status of your taxi. 

Pay by cash or credit card.

Additionally, you may order a taxi through the "A#1 Cab-Taxi APP" or make a reservation online. If you use the taxi app, you can see the real time movement of the taxi your ordered so there's no more guessing on the ETA. You will still need to pay inside the taxi.

Are all reservations guaranteed to be on time? 

We make all reservations TOP priority. We ask that ALL reservations are made in one hour in advance. 

Rarely, we could be running slightly behind. You must always give yourself a little extra time when planning in case of the unexpected.

During harsh weather conditions, accidents, and construction, sometimes makes it almost impossible to keep our schedules. Please keep this in mind.

How come you don't give anyone flat rates or discounts?

The reason why taxis have meters is to know how to properly charge you. Flat rates are for limousines, not taxis. By law, taxis have meters.

Additionally, all of the vehicles associated with A#1 Cab Dispatch are independently owned and operated by individuals or corporations. The dispatch company cannot offer special deals with customers, because A#1 Cab Dispatch does NOT own the taxis. A#1 Cab Dispatch ONLY offers flat rates to O'Hare/Midway Airports.

Can I Have an Alcoholic Drink in the Cab?

No, taxis are not like limo's. There is are no partitions and no open liquor is allowed in the vehicles. 

Do you have handicapped equipped vans?

No. However, if a customer is using a walker or fold up wheel chair and can get in and out of the taxi, the driver will fold and put the equipment in the trunk. Drivers are not allowed to assist/touch a person in or out of the taxi. 

Do your taxis have car seats for infants or small children?

No, the parents must provide the seat according to the law.

Lost Items

Lost Property - PLEASE check before you exit the cab!

You would be amazed at the amount of property people leave in cabs. 

Before you leave, check your belongings.... PLEASE!

  • Check the seat
  • Check your pockets
  • Check the floor
  • Before you exit and close the door

If the drivers finds your item it will be turned in at 340 Production Dr. South Elgin.

The problem is- if the driver doesn't see your item and the next passenger gets in and takes your item, (which happens a lot), we cannot help you. Please keep track of your belongings.

Are you hiring drivers?

A#1 Cab Dispatch doesn't employ/contract/hire drivers.

However, our owner operators are ALWAYS looking for full & part time drivers. You must be 24 or older, with a good MVR (motor vehicle report from Secretary of State DMV). Taxi drivers are self-contracted/self-employed. Many of the police departments will conduct background checks, therefore, any type of sex offender need not to inquire.

Why is it that passengers can't pay through the Taxi APP?

A#1 Cab Dispatch is exactly that, a dispatch company. Since all the vehicles are owned by individual people or corporations, and the drivers are self contracted, we cannot process payments. The drivers and owner operators are the only ones able to do so. 

Why are A#1's Midway airport rates high?

Since we don't service the area around Midway airport, the taxis are traveling far distances to come back to the service area in order to work again.  This makes the rate higher than most companies for Midway airport only. All Midway runs are charged on Rate 1.

However, our O'Hare flat rates are the cheapest in the suburbs!


I need a receipt for the taxi I took, how do I get one?

You have 2 options-

  1. Ask the driver for a receipt. If you pay with a credit card, a receipt should be offered at the time of service.
  2. Email - request a receipt, supply the phone number you ordered the taxi from, and the date. A receipt will be emailed to you. NOTE: Unfortunately, we cannot include the tip on your receipt only the driver can do that.

How can I estimate a taxi fare?

Go to Google Maps and determine how many miles your trip will be. 

Example:  5 mile trip=   5 miles x $2.00 per mile= $10.00 + the flag amount of $2.00= $12.00 approx. fare

*If you specifically order a van- add $5.00 to your fare

*If you make stops, and have the taxi wait, waiting time is $7.00 for every 15 minutes, or $28.00 per hour

Did A#1 Cab buy out Elgin Yellow cab?

No, A#1 has never bought out or merged with another taxi company.


Who owns A#1 Cab Dispatch?

The same family that started it back in 1985. This has been a family owned and run business for over 30 years.