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O'Hare Taxi Flat Rates

A#1 Cab Dispatch has the lowest O'Hare taxi flat rates in the Suburban Chicago area. There are no additional charges for extra passengers, tolls, or fuel. The flat rate is based per vehicle. Make a reservation today!

There is a $4 ground tax fee for airport pickups only- not drop offs.

Thank you for thinking of us for your transportation needs. 

Click on the button below for all of the O'Hare flat rates in our service area.


Download the "A#1 Cab: Taxi Booking" in your app store now

A#1 Cab Dispatch has launched "A#1 Cab- Taxi Booking" APP in 2014. It can be downloaded in the Google Play Store or the iPhone APP Store. We have included QR codes in the button link below.

This unique taxi APP provides the customer with real-time digital ordering of an A#1 Cab. The customer can view the driver in route, and who the drivers is.. Once you sign up, it's quick, efficient, and worry free. We do not take your credit card information through the app ever, that way your credit card won't ever get hacked!

Customers will still pay the driver for the ride, the APP will not do that for you. You may pay by cash, credit or debit. Specify how you would like to pay on the APP.

All pick ups are digitally dispatched automatically to the closest available taxi near you. 

There will be no need to call dispatch to order a taxi anymore, but optional. Our customer service number is always 24 hours.

Only customers in our 70 town service area will be able to order a taxi via our smartphone app. The APP will not support other communities we do not currently service. The taxi orders will be automatically cancelled out if the pickup is not in our service area. Please check the "service area" page for the current towns/cities we service.

We do not have taxis "just sitting" at O'Hare Airport, airport orders must have at least a ONE hour advance notice.

Unlike other "Ride APP" providers, all vehicles contracted with A#1 Cab Dispatch are commercially insured and bonded to the State of Illinois commercial insurance standards. Which really means, the taxis have proper commercial vehicle insurance at ALL times.

*There was an app update April 2016.


Taxi Rates

  • Please let dispatch know if you will be using a credit card.
  • All rides are calculated by taxi meters, unless its an airport flat rate.
  • Rate 2 applies when you leave our 70 city/town service area. 
  • Call 24 hours a day for a ride estimate 847-888-3990.
  • These taxi rates were established in 2014.

Rate 1

$2.00 Flag - (This is when you get in the taxi)

$2.25 per mile; or 0.25 cents per 1/9th of a mile

$28.00 per hour waiting time- (this will activate at all stops, and slow traffic under 11mph)

$4.25 minimum taxi fare

The taxi meter will run on Rate 1  if you are traveling within our 70 town service area

  • No toll charges
  • $5.00 Van request fee; if available
  • $125.00 clean up fee for spills or bodily fluids
  • $4.00 airport ground tax fee for ALL pickups at Chicago's airports
  • No checks accepted
  • Not ALL taxis accept credit; please tell dispatch if you will be using a credit card
  • No extra charges for passengers- price is based per vehicle
  • Please inform dispatch if you are transporting a pet
  • Please inform dispatch if you are in a wheelchair

Rate 1 also includes drop offs to Aurora, Woodstock, Crystal Lake, Lombard, Elmhurst, and Villa Park.

Rate 2- Rides leaving our 70 town service area

$2.00 Flag

$3.00 per mile

$28.00 per hour waiting time

Taxi Service Area

A#1 Cab Dispatch is currently serving 70 suburban cities and towns just west of Chicago. The taxis are scattered throughout the service area for immediate passenger pick ups. Our waiting times may increase due to inclement weather. Always give yourself enough time for travel and take in consideration construction areas. We DO NOT pick up in the City of Chicago.

Currently our taxi service area includes:

Addison, Algonquin, Arlington Heights, Bartlett,
Barrington, Barrington Hills, Batavia, Bensenville,
Bloomingdale, Burlington, Campton Hills, Carol Stream,
Carpentersville, Cary, Cuba, East Dundee, Elburn, Elgin,
Elk Grove, Fox River Grove, Geneva, Gilberts, Glen Ellyn,
Glendale Heights, Hampshire, Hanover Park, Hoffman
Estates, Huntley, Itasca, Inverness, Keenyville, 
Lake in the Hills, Lake Barrington, Lily Lake, Medinah, 
Marengo, Mt.Prospect, North Aurora, Palatine, Plato
Center, Pingree Grove, Rolling Meadows, Roselle, 
Schaumburg, Sleepy Hollow, St.Charles, Streamwood,
South Barrington, South Elgin, Trout Valley, Udina, 
Valley View, Wasco, Wayne, Unincorporated West Chicago,
West Dundee, Wheaton, Winfield, and Wood Dale. 

A#1 will be adding more towns in 2016-

Elburn Train to DeKalb NIU $50 Flat

Elburn Train to DeKalb County Courthouse $40 Flat

Online Taxi Reservations

Reserve a Taxi Now

Call (847) 888–3990 open 24 hours daily, or book online by email
Reservations in advance are required for pickups from O'Hare Airport.

              All Reservations- phone, online, or APP, need to be a minimum of ONE hour in advance or will not be GUARANTEED!

Fill out the form below for your reservation to go to Dispatch.

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Enter phone number so dispatch may reach you if needed
Reservations Only
Pick up location address and city. Must include flight number and airline for O'Hare airport pickups- Cannot place a reservation for Midway airport Pick ups.
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Phoenix Private Transportation

This is a new line of private transportation cars brought to you by A#1 Cab Dispatch. It's not a taxi and not a limo. Every car is branded with the Phoenix logos and is the same rate as the taxi line.

These vehicles are commercially license plated, bonded, and insured. The drivers hold taxi driver permits, to prove they've been background checked. The vehicles are Toyota Camry's and Chevy Impalas. 

Some customers like to be in a non-branded vehicle, this is where Phoenix Private Transportation comes in. It gives the customer another transportation option. 

The experienced drivers will get you to your destination on time, whether you decide book your journey on the day or pre-book well in advance.

All drivers in the Private cars accept credit and debit cards.

You must call to order a private car, or one just may show up for you to try, when ordering a taxi.

In the future, there will be an option on the A#1 Cab Taxi Booking app to order a Private car or a Taxi because it will be your choice.



A#1 Cab dispatched its very first ride in October 1985. This unique dispatch team now serves seventy suburban cities and towns in the Suburbs west of the City of Chicago.

Our customers clearly understand that there is a difference in quality transportation and that's why they call us.

Fleet operators Introduced new Hybrid vehicles and A#1 Unveiled the "A#1  Cab-Taxi APP"  with specific rider options all in 2014. Adding ten new towns on the roster in 2016. Just hang on for the ride! 

  • All vehicles dispatched by A#1 Cab Dispatch Inc. are independently owned and operated by individuals or corporations.

  • A#1 Cab does NOT hire or employ drivers. We place drivers with owner operators to lease taxi's. Drivers are background checked though local police departments during the permitting process. All drivers are independent contractors.

  • A#1 Cab Dispatch inspects the taxi's leased within the fleet for general appearance, working meter and toplight. All taxi's are required to be inspected by vehicle safety inspection stations chosen by different various municipalities. Taxis are first regulated by the State of Illinois, and then by some municipalities.

  • A#1 Cab Dispatch additionally dispatches Private Transportation cars for Phoenix Private Transportation Group. Private transportation cars are commercially bonded, plated, and insured.


  • The co-ordination of transportation between the taxi on the street working and available; with the need and demand for rides.

  • Our dispatch team works hard to insure that the demand and response for transportation is processed quickly and efficiently. 

  • A#1 Cab Dispatch, the self-contracted drivers, and the owner operators do NOT transport minors under the age of 16 without an adult, and are not involved in any type of school transportation or government subsidy accounts.

Hybrid Vehicles

Brand new Toyota Camry Hybrids are replacing the Ford Crown Victoria's within the fleet. So much better for the environment, zero pollution while idling, and better fuel mileage for the drivers. This is why the fuel surcharges were dropped in June 2014, to give the customer the best possible prices.