Taxi Rates 

NOTICE- New lower rates:

$2.00 Flag - (This is when you get in the taxi)            

$2.00 per mile; or 0.25 cents per 1/8th of a mile

$28.00 per hour waiting time

$4.00 minimum taxi fare


NEW-  Rate 2 has been eliminated; all out of town fares will be charged on Rate 1.

  • Please let dispatch know if you will be using a credit card. Some drivers also accept Apple pay and Google pay.
  • All rides are calculated by taxi meters, unless its an airport flat rate.
  • Call 24 hours a day for a ride estimate 847-888-3990
  • No toll charges
  • $5.00 Van request fee; if available
  • $125.00 clean up fee for spills or bodily fluids
  • $4.00 airport ground tax fee for ALL PICKUPS at Chicago's airports
  • No checks accepted
  • Not ALL taxis accept credit; please tell dispatch if you will be using a credit card
  • No extra charges for passengers- meter price is based per vehicle. Passenger allowance is based on number of seat belts.
  • Please inform dispatch if you are transporting a pet- for a pet friendly vehicle
  • Please inform dispatch if you are in a wheelchair
  • Fold up walkers are welcomed in taxis
  • Midway airport is ran on the meter at Rate 1- No Flat Rate