A#1 Cab-Taxi App Directions


  • This APP will NOT process payment; you must still pay the driver-IMPORTANT

  • If you order a ride OUTSIDE of our 70 community service area it will be automatically cancelled without notice!

  • Please remember to choose the credit card option if you need to pay by credit/debit card- not all drivers accept credit

  • This APP may be shut down in extreme weather conditions without notice

  • You may call 847-888-3990 for customer service

information on how to use the taxi APP efficiently, and the different options offered-

  1. Download the app with a QR Code or from iPhone store or Google Play APP store

  2. Register the App with your name, cell phone number, email address, date of birth (to make sure you're not a minor).

  3. Next, you will receive a confirmation email from us, click the link to confirm and -THATS IT!

  4. Now you can order an A#1 Cab via Taxi APP. Steps 1-3 will not be needed again! Whew!

Tap on the App, and choose your options:

Number of passengers- is not a big deal, unless you need a van for a lot of passengers. Vans carry 6 passengers, costs $5 more, van availability is limited. Sedans carry 4 passengers. 

Pickup time- <Now or Later>Pay Attention to this!!

NOW- means you will get the closest available taxi ASAP.   If there is a high demand, there may be a wait time. Calling dispatch will not make the order go out faster because its already on the dispatch screen.

Later- If you plan to make a future reservation through the taxi APP it must be a minimum of 1 hour in advance. If you submit it less than 1 hour we cannot 100% guarantee the reservation. You may also reserve a taxi online at our website. If in doubt, call dispatch directly 847-888-3990.

Attributes- <Every Taxi/driver is different-so please pick your options>

Not all drivers/vehicles are able to do these options so its important to choose what's right for you.

"For Driver" means if you would like to pay by credit card; Driver that can go to the airport (not all can); Request a female driver

"Vehicle Attributes" means several more options: Non-Smoking Taxi or Smoking Taxi; Do Not send a Van; Private Car if Available

Pickup and Drop off addresses

Simply enter the address of your pickup. The GPS should zoom automatically on you, but please make sure the address number is correct. Then enter the drop off address or place, or intersection.

Note Section

This "NOTE" option gives you the choice of adding any additional important information. 

For example, if you would like to be picked up at a certain entrance door (like the back), or an apartment number, or "I'll be waiting at the bus stop". The driver will directly receive this information that you input. Good communication equals faster response time to you.

Tracking Screen

"Order#" is the actual order ID given that matches on our dispatch screens

"Driver Name" is the actual drivers name that is coming to pick you up

"Vehicle" is the taxi number that is picking you up

"Status" is if your order has been assigned for pick up or still waiting

"Message" You can send a message to the taxi driver coming to you but not all drivers are able to REPLY to you yet. They will get your message either way.

Estimated Time of Arrival- Is located on the right side of the screen- it will show how far in mileage the taxi is from you, and the approximate time the taxi will be at your location.


Viewing Available taxis




Make sure your pickup address is entered correctly!