Taxis -vs- Ride Apps

We feel it's important to have options in every industry but the customers need to know the difference in the services. This is the reality check- 


  1. Uber and Lyft do NOT have their drivers fingerprinted for a background check. They don't truly absolutely know who is driving paying passengers around.
  2.  OR
  3. Just because a driver "checks into" their app to work, doesn't mean its the driver that supposed to use the app. FYI. Uber/Lyft wouldn't know any different!
  4. UberX/Lyft vehicles do NOT have a "24 hour commercial insurance policy" on the "for hire" vehicle. Which means coverage can be an issue if in an accident.
  5. Price fluctuation. The price of using a rideshare app varies. There is no "uniform" price. They base their prices off supply and demand and can change prices all day long.
  6. Since you have to give your credit card information to sign up, you are at risk of your information being hacked. This has happened already. 
  7. When you accept the user terms and conditions you accept that Uber/Lyft are not responsible to anything that happens to you in the vehicle. 
  8. There is no phone number for recourse or customer concerns.
  9. Who has vetted the worthiness of the vehicles? Really?
  10. Rideshare vehicles are exempt from the same licensing procedures as taxis. Why? Good Question! Ask your local politicians! They conduct the same business as taxis do! 


One local City's regulation standards (to protect the public?)


  1. Taxis have commercial insurance 24/7, have commercial license plates, and are bonded by the State of Illinois. 
  2. Taxi drivers are permitted with fingerprint background checks, and pay various police departments to do so.
  3. Taxis go through safety inspections at a facility, vetted by local police departments.
  4. Each taxicab pays for licensing through various municipalities, along with the drivers, and the dispatch companies- 3 fees in most cases! 
  5. Taxis must display rates and contact phone numbers inside all vehicles for the customers.
  6. Taxis are easily identifiable, clear markings, and the general public has recourse if something happens.
  7. Taxis have ride apps too! Our app doesn't take your credit card information EVER!

Be safe, know what the clear differences are. Don't get caught up in the "innovation tricks".

Taxi's have standards for a reason. Why don't ride app companies have the same standards? Great question!