Lyft Assault

Lyft driver charged with stabbing passenger in altercation


Updated: 9:11 AM EST Dec 26, 2016


A Lyft driver is accused of stabbing one of her passengers on Christmas night near the Franklin Park Zoo, police confirmed.

Kiona Thomas, 25, of Roslindale, was arrested for assault with intent to murder, said Boston police Officer Rachel McGuire.

One stabbing victim was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries around 11:15 p.m. Sunday, authorities said. The altercation occurred near 967 Blue Hill Ave., near a fire station and the zoo.

Overnight, Boston police investigators surrounded the crime scene with police tape and set out several yellow evidence markers along the sidewalk and in the road.

The 21-year-old victim's injuries were described as serious, but not life-threatening.

Thomas fled from the area, but later turned herself in to police. She is scheduled to be arraigned on Tuesday.

Assaults by Uber & Lyft drivers in single month point to dangerous trend

By VW Staff on February 3, 2016 12:38 pm in Politics

Extraordinary Number of Sexual, Physical Assaults by Uber and Lyft Drivers in Single Month Point to Dangerous Trend

National Reporting Rates Hint That Overall Number of Sexual Assaults by Drivers Could Be Even Higher

As Uber and Lyft continue to resist submitting their drivers to fingerprint background checks, the evidence mounts that passengers are at serious risk, with January being one of the worst months on record for assaults against customers.

Alleged incidents involving Uber and Lyft drivers

In just the first month of this year, the following alleged incidents involving the drivers were reported:

Even more worrisome is that the actual number of passengers who’ve suffered physical and sexual assaults at the hands of Uber and Lyft drivers could likely be substantially worse than has been reported in the news media. Statistics by a variety of expert sources support this:

The above statistics pertain to the percentage of sexual assaults typically reported to police. Lesser still, will be the number of sexual assaults reported in the news media. For example, the “Who’s Driving You?” campaign had previously tallied zero sexual assaults in the cities of Austin, Texas and Kansas City, Missouri until news reports citing police sources alleged seven sexual assaults attributed to the drivers in each city (grand total of 14). A list of all assaults reported thus far in the media is posted to the “Who’s Driving You?” website.

“The number of sexual assaults publicly attributed to Uber and Lyft is likely the tip of the iceberg,” said Dave Sutton, spokesperson for ‘Who’s Driving You?’ “The fingerprint checks that Uber and Lyft resist won’t completely eliminate risks to passengers, but nothing could better mitigate them. There simply cannot be any more doubt: Allowing these drivers to skip background checks that use fingerprints is a serious and imminent threat to public safety.”

Some government officials are beginning to grasp the severity of the problem. In Massachusetts, for example, the statewide association of police chiefs as well as all of the state’s district attorneys sent letters in recent weeks urging state lawmakers to require that the drivers be fingerprinted.


‘Who’s Driving You?’ is a public safety campaign promoting for-hire vehicle safety and highlighting the risks of Uber and Lyft. It is an initiative of the Taxicab, Limousine & Paratransit Association (TLPA), an international non-profit trade association involved in advocating passenger-transportation policy for nearly 100 years and whose membership consists of some 1,000 transportation companies. For more information, visit, follow us on Twitter (@WhosDrivingYou) and follow us on Facebook (


Another Uber, Lyft driver accused of sexually assaulting women



A Seattle rideshare driver accused of attacking women while driving for Uber and Lyft now faces sexual assault charges.

King County prosecutors contend Sayfudin Ahmed sexually assaulted a woman on April 8 while driving for Uber. Ahmed, 34, is alleged to have attempted to rape another passenger on April 30 while driving for Lyft, another of the popular app-based rideshare vendors that have largely replaced licensed taxi services in urban areas around the country.

Writing the court, Senior Deputy Prosecutor Carla Carlstrom said Uber was first warned of unusual behavior by Ahmed in January. Carlstrom said Ahmed appears to have since been blocked from both rideshare services.

“The defendant is a predator who has used his position as a ride share driver to take advantage of, and sexually assault, vulnerable females who are intoxicated,” Carlstrom said in charging papers. “This is especially concerning when customers are urged to use ride share services in exactly the same situation as these two women found themselves: intoxicated and not safe to drive.”

The assault charges against Ahmed follow on rape charges against another Seattle-area Lyft and Uber driver. Dereje Kebede, a 40-year-old SeaTac man, is accused of attempting to rape an extremely drunk woman he picked up outside a Capitol Hill nightclub.

Ahmed, too, is accused of attacking a woman whose intoxication was obvious.

Prosecutors claim Ahmed tried to kiss a 42-year-old woman on April 8.

Contacted by investigators, the woman said she had been drinking at a Crown Hill bar that night when she called an Uber to take her home. The woman was crying and couldn’t find her home.

The woman told Seattle Police Department detectives she was riding in the front passenger seat when the driver, since identified as Ahmed, leaned over and touched her, according to charging papers. He tried to kiss her, she told investigators, before she fled the car.

The woman filed a complaint with Uber which was later discovered by police investigating the April 30 incident.

That night, Ahmed is alleged to have forced a 28-year-old woman to perform oral sex on him after picking her up at a Wallingford fast-food eatery.

The woman told police she’d been drinking heavily that evening before calling a Lyft shortly after 8:30 p.m. According to charging papers, Ahmed reached up the woman’s shorts and sexually assaulted her shortly before she blacked out.

The woman woke in pain hours later at her Seattle home. She reported the incident the following morning.

Contacted by detectives in June, Ahmed initially denied the woman’s allegations and then claimed they had consensual sexual contact, according to charging papers.

Ahmed, a West Seattle resident, has been charged with second-degree assault with sexual motivation in the April 30 incident. He is alleged to have been attempting to rape the woman when the assault occurred.