Uber driver arrested after burglarizing Reno customer's home

by Kenzie Bales

Tuesday, May 29th 2018

HERLONG, Calif. (News 4 & Fox 11) — Two Lassen County residents are behind bars after a residential burglary that happened at a Reno home, according to the Lassen County Sheriff's Office.

Captain Kevin Jones says the victim, Frank Hawbolt, hired an Uber driver from his residence in Reno to a nearby concert on May 20.

When Hawbolt returned home, he discovered his home had been burglarized and several items, including an iPad, were taken. Hawbolt estimated that the total loss was approximately $17,000.

The Lassen County Sheriff's Office was able to ping Hawbolt's iPad to a residence in Herlong, California, north of Reno.

Authorities received a search warrant for the property in Herlong on May 25. While serving the warrant, almost all of the items that were reported stolen from Hawbolt's home were recovered, according to Jones.

Police determined that Reina VandeBrake, 37, was Hawbolt's Uber driver.

VandeBrake and Carlos Olivarria, 32, were arrested and booked into the Laseen County Jail on a charges of possession of stolen property. Their bail has been set at $20,000 each.