Uber driver charged with attempted abduction arrested in connection to another crime


Anthony Rowell, an Uber driver who was charged in January for an attempted kidnapping in Columbia, was arrested Wednesday in connection to a rape and abduction last November.

According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, the 20-year-old female victim had been drinking with friends on Nov. 16. She reported having no memory of leaving the bar, and the next thing she remembered was being in a gold colored minivan while a man stunned her with a stun gun, and she remembered holding her head between her legs.

The two men in the van told her that she was taken to another location where "bad things happened to her," law enforcement said. She was then driven to an unknown location and pushed out of the van. 

On March 5, the Highway Patrol lab linked Rowell's DNA to the crime.

According to reports, a search warrant was served for Rowell's home in Fulton on Wednesday. The Callaway County Sheriff's Department collected a stun gun with a long strand of hair attached to the striking end. Rowell was then arrested by deputies on suspicion of rape in the first degree and kidnapping. Bonds have yet to be set by the court.