Woman Reports Assault by Uber Driver After Refusing Sexual Favor

September 26th, 2017, 3:19 PM 

A 22-year-old Inkster woman said she was attacked by her Uber driver after rejecting his demand for sexual favors in lieu of a tip last Friday morning around 2 a.m., WXYZ reports. 

Ashley Johnson said after he made the sexual demand, she was horrified and immediately declined.

She said she would give him a tip after getting home. He agreed.

But then he changed his mind and ordered her out of the car a few houses from her home, she said.

"I opened the door and he grabbed my arm and sped off," she tells Ameera David of WXYZ.  "But my leg was outside the door, dragging me down until my arm got out the car."

She said she was left with road rash on her knee and torn muscles in her arm.

Johnson tells the station she used another person's phone to summon the car. She says she didn't know the owner of the phone. 

She said she tried for several days to contact Uber, without luck. She finally got through and Uber said it was investigating the matter.

Uber issues a statement: 

"What's been described is horrible and has no place on the Uber app or anywhere. We take all allegations very seriously and are looking further into this report."