Woman Claims Uber Driver Exposed Himself to Her


East Ridge police are investigating an incident in which a Belvoir Hills Drive woman accused a taxi driver of exposing himself to her.

According to a police report, late Sunday night officers were dispatched to the 800 block of Belvoir Hills Drive where a woman stated that an Uber driver had indecently exposed himself to her. The woman told police that she had been at a Chattanooga nightclub with her boyfriend and friends when she wanted to go home. Her boyfriend and friends stayed at the club.

The woman called Uber to arrange for a ride back to her house in East Ridge. The report states that when the driver pulled up to the woman’s house and put the car in park, he pulled his pants down exposing his genitals. The woman told police that the driver then said, “you’re not going anywhere until you do something about this.”

The report states that the woman then got out of the car and ran to a neighbor’s house. The woman called her boyfriend and told him of the incident and also told him that she didn’t have the house key to get inside their place. The report states that the boyfriend sent an Uber driver to deliver her the keys. According to the report, the woman said the Uber driver who delivered her the keys was the same man who allegedly exposed himself to her. The woman told police that she sent her neighbor out to get the house keys.

The report states that the neighbor got the tag number of the Uber driver’s car. The suspect driver was potentially identified through the ownership of the vehicle, the report states.