Uber Driver ‘Jay Ram’ Molests His Sleeping Female Passenger Went Viral

by JAY NELZ on APRIL 8, 2017

The photo of an Uber driver named Jay Ram molesting his sleeping female passenger went viral after it was posted in the social media.

Numerous complaints regarding Uber incidents were now making rounds in the social media. Some Uber driver were receiving praises and adorations from netizens, because of their good deeds. While some of them were being criticized by social media users due to their wrong behavior.

Previously, a netizen named Myla Tuazon has posted a warning to all female passengers against Uber driver named Jay Ram, who posted a photo while molesting his sleeping passenger. The photo shows that the driver was grabbing the breast of his female passenger.

Jay Ram’s post draws flak from netizens due to his wrong behavior towards the alleged drunk passenger sleeping on the front seat of the vehicle. The nature of the pervert driver frightened and raised the concerns of female netizens. Tuazon also urged the female riders to be more aware when riding on Uber.

The Uber driver was found working at Concentrix Daksh Services Philippines Corporation and living in Caloocan, based on the information in his Facebook account.

Jay deactivated his social media account after being bashed by the netizens. Myla also deleted her post on her Facebook account after receiving flood messages and notifications from netizens due to curiosity.