Wheelchair cyclist left lying in the street after being ‘repeatedly punched by road rage Uber driver’


The cyclist was left sitting dazed on the ground after the alleged attack


27th January 2017, 1:55 pm

A DISABLED cyclist was allegedly mowed down and punched unconscious in a horrific road rage attack with an Uber driver now arrested over the assault.

The cyclist, who was using a hand-pedal bike, was left dazed and bloodied after being hit by the car in the streets of London yesterday.

Mick, a taxi driver, witnessed the entire attack telling The Sun Online that the alleged attack had started when the Uber driver cut off the cyclist.

The cyclist is then claimed to have banged on the car, aggravating the driver. Mick said: “The driver jumped out, ran at the bike and basically jumped on him.”

Recounting the attack, he claimed: “It all calmed down for a few seconds then the driver realised his car had rolled into a parked car and he shouted ‘look at what you made me do’.

“He ran back at the cyclist and punched him full in the face and knocked him out, it was terrible.”

He said the cyclist was knocked out cold for 20 seconds, with police called over the attack.

Mick said: “Everyone was in shock and disbelief. “The cyclist was shaking, he was in shock.” He said that a terrified passenger had been in the Uber car the entire time.

One cyclist, Billy Clerkin, said he saw the cyclist, in his 20s, on the ground next to a busted hand-pedal bike on the ground. He alleged that the Uber driver had become “impatient” before knocking the cyclist over and punching him. The 24-year-old said: “The driver involved in the incident was shouting at the cyclist on the floor. “The cyclist had a cut up face, but he was OK.”

Horrified witnesses captured video of the aftermath of the crash, which happened on Endell Street about 4.30pm yesterday. The video of the scene shows the cyclist sitting dazed on the ground as witnesses rush to help.

In the video, the bike can be seen lying mangled on the ground. One person, believed to be the cyclist, can be heard speaking in the video, saying: “I have multiple witnesses”. The video shows a man in a red jumper standing by the silver Toyota Prius hybrid while talking on the phone.

The driver, who has since been banned from taking fares with Uber, then turns away from the camera.

A Met Police spokesperson said they had been called to the scene to reports of an assault yesterday. He said: “Officers attended and found a man aged in his 20s on the floor injured.“London Ambulance Service attended and took the victim to a south London hospital.“His injuries are not life-threatening.”

A 38-year-old was arrested on suspicion of grievous bodily harm and was taken to a north London police station for questioning.He has been bailed to return on a date in late-March.Police said that enquiries were continuing.

An Uber spokesperson said: “We are currently investigating these shocking reports.“Whenever there is a serious incident it is our policy to prevent the licensed private hire driver from using our app while we investigate.”

Helen Chapman, TfL’s General Manager for Taxi & Private Hire, said: “These are serious allegations and we are working with the police to urgently investigate them.”