Court docs: Md. Uber driver tried to pay for sex with teen, said it was his ‘fantasy'

by Kevin Lewis, ABC7 News     Tuesday, January 17th 2017

ROCKVILLE, Md. (WJLA) - An Uber driver and youth sports coach has been arrested and charged after police say he tried to pay for sex with a 15-year-old girl he met on Craigslist, court documents show. The teen girl turned out to be an undercover Montgomery County Police officer.

Police say Asil Din, 46, of Germantown, has been charged with sexual solicitation of a minor and faces up to 10 years in prison and/or $25,000 in fines.

According to court documents, Din first listed an ad on Craigslist on Nov. 1. The ad was titled, “Any local young lady available?”

Soon after, documents show that the undercover officer, operating under the name “Megan,” responded to the ad via email saying she was only 15 years old.

“I don’t wanna lie I am only 15, is that ok?” the officer wrote.

“Ok. That’s fine I guess,” Din, who police say was writing under the pen name “Oscar” at the time, reportedly wrote back. “Wait I don’t want to get in trouble with that, when will u be 16? ... as long as you are not the police. And I have had this fantasy for so long.”

Documents show Din and the undercover officer continued exchanging messages, and that Din asked if “after school was the best time to hook up and if sex was ok.” Documents show Din also desired an ongoing sexual relationship with the girl. Din allegedly said he would give the girl $100 every time they met to have sex.

One week after their initial interaction on Nov. 8, police say Din and the undercover officer agreed to meet at the Rockville Metro station. That day at about 10:50 a.m., Din was identified by Montgomery County Police at the location and arrested.

Din, who court documents state was born in Pakistan, has a trial scheduled for late April. He is divorced and has one daughter. When asked for comment at his Germantown apartment complex, he declined.

Court records and a law enforcement source state Din was an Uber driver at the time of his arrest. On Monday, ABC7 contacted Uber to see if Din was still driving for the rideshare app. A spokeswoman called later in the day, explaining she could not find any record of Din in the company database. Seeing as police, court documents, and even Din himself, all claim he worked for Uber, ABC7 asked the spokeswoman to run a second search. We have not heard back.

This would not be the first time an Uber driver has been accused of an eyebrow raising criminal allegation.

In October, Cesar Leon, 40, of Silver Spring, allegedly tried to rape one of his female employees at the California Tortilla in Potomac.

While the woman was working in the customer seating area, Leon allegedly dragged her towards the bathrooms. Police say a struggle ensued, during which, Leon lifted the woman’s shirt, touched her breasts, tried to remove her pants and then pushed her towards the ground. The manager also reportedly stated that he wanted, “to make love to her.” The incident, which was captured on store surveillance cameras, cost Leon his job.

In effort to make ends meet, Leon applied to be an Uber driver. The rideshare app approved his application in early to mid-December. Police then filed criminal charges against the restaurant manager, turned chauffer, on December 28.

Last May, Jonathan Hemming, 52, of Gaithersburg, was arrested for allegedly attempting to shoot and kill Montgomery County Police officers with a homemade gun. The cops, assigned to the Repeat Offender Unit, were seeking to arrest Hemming on a bench warrant for multiple drug offenses, court documents indicate.

Hemming, however, allegedly resisted, abruptly slamming the front driver's side door of his silver Honda Civic - the same car he drove Uber passengers in. A dramatic struggle ensued, during which police say Hemming grabbed a homemade handgun capable of firing shotgun rounds from the front passenger glove compartment. He proceeded to point the gun at two detectives' heads, attempting, but unsuccessfully firing the weapon, police say.

After placing Hemming in handcuffs, officers found a needle cap, prescription vial, syringe, rubber tie off straps, live shotgun shells, live handgun rounds, pill bottle, metal pill holder, handcuff key, garden clippers, and pocket knife in his pant pockets. They located a second homemade weapon in his vehicle. According to court documents, during a sit down interview with homicide detectives, Hemming stated he researched how to build firearms online. He also explained that he knew the devices were capable of firing.

ABC7 learned Hemming has a lengthy felony record in Florida, Maryland and Ohio for crimes like weapons possession, arson, armed robbery, burglary, cocaine possession, vehicle theft and destruction of property.