Uber passenger warns people about scary ride

A Northern California woman is warning people about her scary Uber ride from Sacramento International Airport. Her Facebook post on what happened has been shared nearly 4,000 times.

"I travel and fly all different places and just Uber from the airport," Mary Beth McMann, the Uber passenger, said. 

On McMann's Uber app, she requested a ride from Sacramento International Airport to her home in Napa. "I went over to him, he took my luggage, put it in the trunk of his car," McMann said. But a few minutes after the ride, she started getting worried.

"He started telling me he's from Southern California and he had just barely escaped being brought up on new charges for money laundering and spent six months in a federal facility," McMann said. She said the conversation got worse and texted her husband. "So the whole time I'm texting my husband like 'Hey, I'm petrified' this man is touching me he's making me feel uncomfortable," McMann said.

We reached out to Uber about the allegations. The company says it's looking into it and the driver has been removed from using Uber while they investigate. In addition, the company says the driver had no previous complaints of this nature.

McMann says when she got back home she contacted Uber and California Highway Patrol. We reached out to CHP, but haven't heard back.

"I would never use a rideshare app again," McMann said. "I feel like my bubble has been burst."

We asked people at the Sacramento International Airport if they ever worry when they request a ride. "I've used it for a few years now, so I don't worry about my safety," Diana Tovar, Uber user, said.