Uber accused of cashing in on bomb explosion by charging almost double to take terrified New Yorkers home


Passengers hit out at the taxi firm for hiking their prices in the hours following the blast in the Manhattan area of the city that killed one person and injured 24


18th September 2016, 1:18 pm

TRAUMATISED families caught up in the New York bomb blast have accused Uber of cashing in on the tragedy by charging almost double to take them home.

Furious passengers have taken to social media to slam the taxi firm in the wake of theblast that killed one person and left 24 injured in the Manhattan area of the city.



A screenshot from the Uber app showing surged prices in New York last night

Uber reportedly charged between 1.4 and 3 times the standard fare with one city worker saying he had to pay twice as much as usual.

Mortgage broker Nick Lalli said: “Just trying to get home from the city and Uber f****** doubled the surge price.”

Another Twitter user said: “My $11 usual ride home to Chelsea from Midtown Manhattan was $32 thanks to surge pricing from Uber because of the Chelsea explosion, thanks.”

Jessica Keenan Wynn wrote: “Come on Uber, 1.8 surge pricing after explosion in Chelsea? I’m disgusted. People are trying to get home safe. Shame on you.”

Earlier in the evening Uber posted a tweet saying they had removed surge pricing in the Chelsea area but passengers in other areas of Manhattan said they were still being charged higher than normal fares.

Brittany and I successfully made our way out of Manhattan and into NJ and are fine with everything except uber's surge pricing

— Marci Mason (@marciesque) September 18, 2016


Sarah Bertolozzi was in Manhattan and posted what appeared to be a screengrab from the app that showed her fare being 1.8 times higher than usual.

Shaun King, a journalist at the New York Daily News, said reports of higher fares were true after he and his family found themselves stranded in the same part of the city.

He wrote on Twitter: “My family and I were out in Manhattan and many of our train lines were closed. Uber prices surged up.”

Michael Cohen, executive vice president of The Trump Organisation and special counsel to the presidential nominee, said: “NYC explosion causes residents to attempt to get home. Uber taking total advantage of chaos and surcharging passengers 1.4 to 1.8 times.”