Charges: Uber driver takes passenger to apartment for sex


An Uber driver has been charged with false imprisonment after taking a girl under the age of 18 against her will. Officers responded to a call of a female taken against her will in West Saint Paul on August 4.

By: Ashley Cole

UPDATED:SEP 15 2016 11:23AM CDT

WEST SAINT PAUL, Minn. (KMSP) - An Uber driver is being charged with false imprisonment after for attempting to take a minor back to his apartment in West St. Paul, Minn. against her will to have sex with him. 

According to the criminal complaint, on Aug. 4, Dahir Aden, 50, of Crystal, picked up the female victim in north Minneapolis and then drove to pick up her friend, who he dropped off at his work in south Minneapolis. 

The victim asked Aden to bring her home and he refused and started driving on the highway. Once the victim asked Aden where they were going, he told her he was taking her back to his apartment to have sex and told her not to tell anyone. The victim told Aden she did not want to go to his apartment and to bring her to her home in Minneapolis. Aden refused and began driving toward West Saint Paul.

During the ride, the victim sent text messages to her friend to call the police. When they pulled up to Aden’s apartment complex, he told the victim to “go inside, go inside to have quick sex.” The victim told Aden “no” and got out of the car.

Aden continued to say, “come on now, we are running out of time. Let’s just go have sex.” Aden also became aggravated and told the victim to hang up her phone and eventually tried to take her phone, but the victim was able to get away.

Once officers arrived, they asked Aden how he knew the victim. He initially told police the victim was his girlfriend, but later admitted she was not his girlfriend.

Aden also told officers he was just giving the girl a ride home to Minneapolis and officers questioned why he was in WestSaint Paul if he was giving the girl a ride to Minneapolis.

An officer also located a large amount of condoms in Aden’s possession.

Aden faces up to three years in prison and or a fine up to $5,000.