Woman says Uber driver Molested her


Published 06/07 2016 03:53PM

NORTH SALT LAKE (ABC4 Utah) North Salt Lake Police are investigating a report of an attempted rape by an Uber driver. 

A 42 year old woman told ABC 4 she called for the Uber driver after visiting with friends in Salt Lake City. She doesn't want to be identified so we will call her Julia for this report.

She says the assault began right after she got in the front seat and the car took off. "He immediately started touching my leg with his hand, grabbed my hand, tried to hold my hand." Julia continues "he was saying things like oh your skin is so soft."

As he drove north on I-15 heading to her North Salt Lake home, he became more aggressive according to Julia. "He tried to slide his fingers up my shorts and then tried to rub me down over the top of my shorts."

She says the attempted rape occurred when he pulled up to her house. "He put it in park and immediately takes off his pants and he grabs on my shorts and tries to pull my shorts down."

She pulled away, said no, and started heading for her house. Julia quotes the driver then as saying "come on, you know you want to do this, you want this, you want this."

She ran in the house and called police. North Salt Lake Police tracked down the driver who denied her entire story. That leaves them with a "he said, she said" kind of situation because there's no physical evidence like semen or ripped clothes and there are no eyewitnesses. They say they are treating the report seriously and doing what they call due diligence. When that is complete they will turn their report over to the Davis County Attorney who will decide on possible charges.

Julia told ABC 4 that the driver was dumped by Uber but is still working for Lyft and she worries that he's doing this to other women who may be too embarrassed to come forward.

It's his attitude that make her think she is not his first victim. "It was so easy for him, so natural. He was just so confident and saying you know you want this. And when I got out of the car he was shocked. You know just sitting there with his pants on the ground."

Julia says the man told her he was from Iran. She guesses he's in his mid 30's. The police report identifies the driver as Alireza. If anyone else knows something about the case, call the North Salt Lake Police Department.

Julia warns other women not to sit in the front seat like she did and she thinks it would be much safer to travel in groups when taking transportation like this.