By Miya Shay

Tuesday, May 10, 2016 10:31PM


Martina Strickler took her last Uber ride 10 days ago. On Sunday, May 1, she called an Uber driver to pick her up at her friend's Heights area home and drop her off near the Galleria. That's when she said her Uber driver assaulted her by trying to kiss her, and when she rebuffed her advances - she said he grabbed her then groped her.

"He stopped by my house, and helped me with the luggage," said Strickler, who is an au pair and staying with a host family where she is taking care of the family's children. "And he wanted to kiss me, and to touch me, and I was walking away!"

Strickler is from Switzerland, and has only been in this country for about a month. She says she ran inside her host family's house, then immediately called her friend & au pair consultant, Arienne de Vassal.

"I think it's horrible," said de Vassal, who works with many au pairs and says many use the Uber App. "I can't recommend Uber to any of the au pairs, once they found out what happened, a lot of them removed their apps from their phone."

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De Vassal took Strickler to file a police report.

A Houston @Uber driver is accused of groping a Swiss Au Pair. Her #exclusive story, on#abc13 at 4. pic.twitter.com/Fq4mAKLokF

— Miya Shay (@miyashay) May 10, 2016

The Au Pair also emailed Uber. The company replied with an email promising to make contact, but so far, has not.

Strickler says nobody from Uber has called her, and asked about her well being.

"No. Just got some emails," said Strickler.

Today, Uber released the following statement to Eyewitness News: "We take customer feedback seriously. As soon as we learned about this issue, we took immediate action and launched an investigation."

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The company has refunded Strickler her $11 fare. Uber also says it has reached out to the driver, but can not comment further on its internal investigation. Uber also refutes Strickler's assertion that it has not contacted her, saying it has tried to contact the au pair multiple times.

The Houston Police Department told Eyewitness News this case is closed. According to HPD, an investigator reached out to Strickler and she no longer wishes to press charges in this case.