Posted: Dec 04, 2016 11:44 PM Written by Abby Theodros


An Uber mobile application dedicated to Las Vegas is shown in this undated photo. (FOX5)


A Las Vegas man claims he was attacked Saturday morning after hailing a ride on Uber.

Jesse Lambert said he used Uber to get home after a night out and as soon as he got in the car he knew something was wrong.

“The Uber driver had two people in the car. He mentioned it was his last run. He didn’t want to take it, but he had his app on,” Lambert said.

Lambert believes the driver, who he identified as Jason, knew the other passengers. He said he was also on alert because he had his camera with him.

“I put it (the camera) in my lap, we get going, they didn’t have GPS for some reason,” Lambert said.

After multiple wrong turns, Lambert says the driver finally made it to his Summerlin home and the passengers assaulted him.

“I was standing up out of the car, the gentleman hit me in the back of the head, side of the head with a beer bottle, pushed me over, tripped over my camera case and the driver was in there saying ‘get it, get it,’” Lambert said.

Lambert said the passenger that hit him grabbed his camera case, but he was able to get it back before they took off.

“I hit the gentleman with the case that attacked me, so then he ran around the car to get to the other side. They got in, as they were pulling away slowly the door shut. I was able to hit my camera case and bust out their window,” Lambert said.

Lambert believes his finger might be broken and said he suffered cuts and bruises. He said he filed a police report and it is being investigated as an attempted robbery with assault.

In a statement, Uber said “what’s been described is totally unacceptable. We will work with local authorities to support their investigation and proceedings in any possible way.”

Lambert said he doesn’t plan on taking Uber anytime soon.