Uber driver drags police officer down the road after football game on Saturday

  • Katie DeFiore | The Daily Collegian
  • Nov 7, 2016
  • An Uber driver dragged a Penn State Police detective 20 feet down the road along the side of his vehicle at around 12:30 a.m. after Saturday’s football game.

    The driver, Fredrick Becker, had picked up an individual from the RV lot to drive them back to campus, according to court documents.

    When he was travelling south on Orchard Road toward Park Avenue, an auxiliary officer told him “the traffic was ‘outbound’ and he would be unable to go the direction he wanted,” according to court documents.

    Upset, Becker sped away from the officer into Lot 20, where he turned around and waited to turn back onto Orchard Road, according to court documents.

    A Penn State Police detective came up to his car and told him to stop three times, but each time, Becker continued to edge forward.

    The detective informed him he was under arrest and tried to “forcefully stop the vehicle by reaching through the open driver’s window to open the door and turn off the ignition,” according to court documents.

    While he was doing this, two auxiliary officers began closing the gate to the lot in attempt to stop Becker from leaving.

    Becker told police in an interview that the closing of the gate caused him to panic, which led him to speed towards Orchard Road, dragging the police detective along the side of the car with him for approximately twenty feet.

    Becker nearly struck the auxiliary officers who were attempting to close the gate as well, according to court documents.

    The detective sustained injuries to both his hip and lower back and received medical treatment at Mount Nittany Medical Center, according to court documents.

    The Uber driver then continued driving out onto Orchard Road and then continued onto Fox Hollow Road, where he stopped at a red light, according to court documents.

    At this point, the police were able to catch up with him and asked him to exit his vehicle, to which he complied.