'She was able to push him off:' Uber driver accused of indecent contact in Ross Township

Updated: 5:34 PM EST Nov 23, 2016

Police are investigating a woman's report that her Uber driver stopped mid-ride and made indecent contact and unwanted sexual advances Tuesday night.

The woman made the call when she arrived at her destination, the Barrel Junction bar on William Flinn Highway in Hampton Township.

Shaler Township police determined the incident happened in Ross Township, so they turned the investigation over.

"She was able to push him off, and he then continued with the ride and took her on her destination. She called 911 and reported this to us. We are currently investigating," Detective Brian Kohlhepp said. "We're working with Uber to try to get information on the ride, as well as the driver who completed the ride. Some of that information is obviously protected, so we have to get a search warrant in order to get that."

The driver has not been identified while the investigation continues.

Police issued these reminders about typical safety precautions that should be taken when using a ride service.

- Request the ride through an actual account, not on the street with a driver.

- Travel with friends.

- Photograph the license plate before you get in.

- Verify the car and driver is who is supposed to pick you up before you get in.

- Text or tell a friend that you are using a ride service, and share your location.

- The driver is not a trusted friend. Do not treat them as such, and be careful what information you share.

- Trust your instincts and do not get in the car if you do not feel safe.