Uber driver arrested for alleged assault on officer in Mountain View

Carlos Mendoza, KRON4Published: October 14, 2016, 11:42 am 

Mountain View (KRON) — Police arrested an Uber driver in Mountain View for assault on a police officer, Thursday evening.

According to Mountain View police, 62-year-old Ghulam Mohammadi was arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon after he attempted to back his vehicle into a police assistant’s parking attendant vehicle.

The incident was first reported around 6:29 p.m. on October 13th, when officers discovered Mohaammadi, who is an Uber driver, drop off a fare and parked along a marked red zone. The red zone was at the location of Bryant and California Streets.

Upon approaching Mohammadi, a brief confrontation took place. The assistant started to write up a parking ticket and quickly became involved in a confrontation with Mohammadi, according to police.

Then Mohammadi proceeded with the alleged assault. The police assistant was unharmed during the incident. Mohammadi was booked into the Santa Clara County Jail.

Uber did not immediately respond to a request for comment this evening. The assistant was able to step away and didn’t suffer any injuries, according to police.