Uber driver allegedly punches woman in the face in Atlanta

Kristen Reed, WXIA   10/18/2016

ATLANTA - An Atlanta woman was left with a black eye after a ride with an Uber driver Saturday.

Anna Armas and her friend Hanna Gordola requested an Uber and were picked up on Irwin Street Saturday evening.  According to the police notes, Armas asked the driver why he was going "the long way" which led to an argument.

They were then told to get out of the car.

"When she asked again, the guy told them to get out. Anna stated that she called the guy a "dumb ass". The guy said say it again, and when she did; he punched her in the face, causing her to fall down. The guy then drove off."

Attorney Sandy Becher is representing Armas said his client was "beaten in her face by a man, brutally."

The driver, Mr. Yero Bandele also filed a police report.   He alleges the woman slapped him after calling him several derogatory names and says he pushed her before leaving the scene,  Bandele told police he did not want to press charges against the woman. 

The two women said they have video of the driver and the incident.

Becher described the incident as a "savage beating" and said they plan to hold Uber responsible.

"Uber has tried to contact my client. She is unable to talk. She's very traumatized. She's injured both physically and psychologically," Becher said.

In a statement to 11Alive, Uber said they are looking into the matter and have suspended the driver's app so that he cannot pick up anyone else. The Uber representative said this is standard practice.