Ride APP Regulation

Transportation vehicles 'for hire' have been regulated in Illinois for decades. There is a reason for that! You may be thinking BIG GOVERNMENT shouldn't be regulating businesses.  We agree with that statement to a degree. Plumbers, electricians, contractors, airplane pilots, truck drivers, restaurants, bars and many more industries nationwide require a 'checks and balance' system through special licensing requirements. This is important when working with the general public.

Using an argument about "being innovative through an APP shouldn't require a  level playing field" just isn't good enough when you are transporting people and children.

Here's an example:

Would you want your child being transported in a school bus without the bus driver passing a fingerprint background check?

How about the bus driver not having the proper drivers license endorsement for school bus driving?


What about the bus not having a mechanical inspection done---EVER?

How would you feel if something really bad happened and there was no live person to call and talk to?

This is the reality of the ride app companies.