Chicago Woman Describes Uber Nightmare

Posted: Nov 13, 2015 5:20 AM CST

By NBC News

The ride-sharing service Uber is a popular way to get around, but a Chicago woman says she sat through a terrifying ordeal when a driver would not let her out of his car.

For ten terrifying minutes, Gia Favia says she was locked in a stranger's car. 

"Your first instinct is, is this a joke? Let me out of the car," Favia said.

Favia requested an Uber Monday to travel about a mile from a bank to work in Chicago.

The Uber app charged her about $5, but Favia said her driver thought the ride should cost more.

When she refused to pay him more, Favia said he locked her in.

"I was getting to the point I was going to kick out the windows," Favia said.

Only when Favia called 911 did he finally let her go. 

But, she said the harassment didn't stop there. 

"He followed me up to the shop and got out and started just screaming," Favia said.

She immediately contacted the ride-sharing company and posted about her Uber nightmare to social media. 

She said friends shared similar stories. One woman said she ended up throwing money at her driver just to get away. 

"You never know," Favia said. "You just hear all these types of stories."

Uber finally responded to Favia and NBC5, saying the driver was deactivated and violated company policy. Uber called the situation frustrating and unusual, but added all drivers are trained and are thoroughly vetted. 

The experience has been traumatizing for Favia and she said the risk for a ride isn't worth it.

"I don't even feel comfortable using the company anymore," Favia said.

A spokesperson from the Chicago Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection is looking into the incident.

They said if anyone feels threatened they should call 911 and file a police report.